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Whenever people ask me what I do…I always answer:

I am focused on being the best dad and husband that I can be…and I help people to maximize the largest investments in their lives!

I met my wife, Lori, at Adrian College (Go Bulldogs). She was studying to be an Optometrist and I was a Business Major. She graduated at the top of her high school class and is one of the smartest people I know, and she fell in love with me anyway! Her passion is literally to help blind people to see. She works locally and has contributed at the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired for almost two decades.

Growing up “Up North”, being outdoors was a way of life that I embraced. I am blessed to have a daughter who enjoys learning about nature and outdoor values like how to catch & clean a fish, hunt, and explore the woods. I look forward to watching her become a strong and independent woman pursuing her passions like her parents.

Even before being downsized from engineering, real estate has been one of my passions. Starting as a Realtor, I was able to help friends relocate who also experienced downsizing and job transfers. As years went on and the economy got worse, I spent seven years helping many people successfully navigate difficult transactions. During the recession, I specialized in assisting people who were upside-down that needed a short sale. I realized that I had a gift when I negotiated with one of the largest banks in the world to forgive about $50,000 of debt for a client who was upside-down on their mortgage. It is so rewarding to help many families get out of debt and get a second chance at life financially.

Now, as a Broker, I still LOVE working with people to buy and sell, but also love sharing my experiences and leveraging agents to be the best THEY can be. I have learned many things about different aspects of the industry. One thing is that being a leader is important but isn’t as important as making sure the job gets done right! A key to my success is focusing on having a positive attitude, and learning to make lemonade from the lemons we are dealt.

Southwest Michigan has been my home for a couple of decades already and giving back is incredibly important to me. I have enjoyed being involved in the West Coast Chamber of Commerce and serving on the Executive Board of Zeeland Quest and Pathways in addition to many other things.

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